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The President of the Fred Report, Fred Meissner, CMT has been practicing Technical Market Analysis since 1983 and has worked in the research departments of Merrill Lynch and Robinson-Humphrey/Smith Barney. In addition, he has served the public as a portfolio manager and financial advisor.

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  • Weekly and Mid-Week Financial ReportsCommentary includes focused views of current market conditions, commodities, stocks, indexes, forex and international markets to keep you balanced during market turmoil.

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  • Monthly Chart Review:  This is a comprehensive research piece utilizing various technical tools and highlighting big macro ideas, as well as sector specific analysis.  Get updates on proprietary breadth measurements, put/call ratios, international funds, and many technical observations to help you strategize your next move. From time to time, we will have a guest strategist contribute their current thoughts. 

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  • Idea Generation: Trading and investment ideas via 4 distinct portfolios: 

SP 1500,  ETF Indexes and Sectors,  Commodity ETFs, International ETFs 

  • Weekly Investment Conference Call: A weekly conference call takes place at 10:15am (EST) every Thursday.  Too busy for the call?  Listen to it on the website, download it for later, or dial into the playback number and code.

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